Magic Tattoos

Magic tattoos are tattoos that carry a magic spell similar to a wand or a scroll with a single charge. This spell can only be cast onto the wearer. They vary in size and cost depending on the power of the spell. These do not work exactly like Psionic Tattoos (which don’t exist on Nelui anyways).


For a magic tattoo to be applied, the artist must have Craft (Tattoo) and must know and be able to cast the desired spell normally. Only spells with a range of “Touch” may be used. Tattooing can take only a few hours for the smaller ones, but it can take days for any large higher level tattoo. The bearer of the tattoo must have tattooable skin available. Once a tattoo has been applied, it may not be moved or transferred.


To use the magic tattoo, the user must touch it and will it to activate. This is a standard action and it provokes an attack of opportunity. If a hit is made on the user while he is activating the tattoo, a Concentration check DC17 must be beat. Immediately after use, the tattoo will fade almost entirely away. It will fade completely after 24 hours.

One may activate the tattoo of another creature if that creature is willing, or unconscious. The process is the same as if it were activated on one’s self. The tattoo must be touched and willed to activate.


Spell Level Price Diameter (in)
0 15 gp 1-3
1st 50 gp 2-5
2nd 300 gp 5-10
3rd 750 gp 10-20
4th 2,000 gp 18-36

Magic Tattoos

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