Captain Sear

Captain of the SS Maskan Asto, the quick little steam ship that can get from the Urardul Republic to the Austron Empire faster than most might believe. He lives in Veirus on the Algashae Islands, but he seems to spend majority of his time at sea.

He appears to be about 35 with a bald head and some severe burn scars across the left half of his face. He may not socialize much for fun, but he is a charismatic fellow when he wishes it.

He is always accompanied by a small owl named Lamp. The owl itself has personality enough to shame the average merchant. Lamp has a knack for distracting even the most cautious with his adorable antics.

Those who know Captain Sear well know that he is a talented smuggler, but he has a bit of fame as a legitimate trader of both fine and time sensitive trading goods. Ursardul, Algashae, Austron, and Argabor shores all welcome the swift SS Maskan Asto.

Unfortunately, on the thirty-second day of summer in the year 1015 ABY, Captain Sear was killed by Vukasa Lykos. His corpse was recovered by the new crew of the SS Lightning Whittler before Vukasa escaped with the SS Maskan Asto. Lamp now accompanies Fletch, who has begun to show remarkable similarities to the deceased captain.

Captain Sear

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