Algashae Islands

Session 2
I'm on a Boat!

A full summary of the session will be added later.

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Chapter 0, Session 1
You say what about this sins of my grandfather?

This tale begins around four young ones living in the coastal city of Kasei within the Austron Empire. In the year GDY 1007, the four little ones were all 10 years old and were preparing for the heirloom ceremony that will usher them towards adulthood. The names of the four are Skal, Fletch, Frank, and Karin.

Skal is an academic elf who was orphaned at a young age. He was taken in by Walter and Edna Sint. Walter is an elder in the Kasei community and the owner of the local library.

Fletch is a handy human who is an only child in a ranching household. His parents own a sheep and raspberry farm on the north side of town. They live a meager life, but they live well for their means.

Frank is a human and son of a single father. The early death of Frank’s mother was hard on his father and caused him to hit the bottle fairly hard. He owns a chicken ranch on the north side of town, but most of the earnings are squandered in alcohol.

Karin is the daughter of a human mother and the elf sheriff of Kasei. Born out of wedlock, she sees very little of her father, but Karin and her mother are well taken care of. They live in a nice apartment in the core of the city.

GDY 1007 Spring 75

Elder Walter Sint gathered the four children and their families together at his dining room table. It was the rehearsal dinner before the Heirloom ceremony. This little ritual happens every four years to represent the upcoming adulthood of all children that reach the age of ten.

During the dinner, Walter explains that each of the four children is special and of great interest to the Austron Empire. The Empire wishes evil towards them but Walter will protect them just as their parents were protected. After the ceremony tomorrow, an Austron inquisitor, the Prince Lemmaegli Austron himself, will examine them in hopes of finding certain bloodlines. Those would be these four bloodlines. So long as the children remain silent in the presence of the Prince, Walter will be able to protect them.

GDY 1007 Spring 76

During the ceremony on the following day, the four children are presented with their heirloom gifts. Fletch receives two royal clams from his father. Frank receives a rag with the insignia of Cayden Kailean and a broken metal rod from his father. Karin receives an amulet with three crystals from her mother. Skal receives a broken Starknife from Walter.

After the ceremony ends, the Prince approaches and examines each child. Then he takes Walter away to speak with him. The ceremony is over.

GDY 1007-1011

Fletch got a job as a farm hand at another nearby farm that needed more help than his father did. Karin started apprenticing at a apothecary on the east side of town. Skal officially became an apprentice scribe for Walter Sint. Frank pursued the training and breeding of dogs for hunting.

GDY 1011 Spring 75-76

The four children, now 14 years old, were summoned to Walter’s home for protection during this years Heirloom Ceremony. He explains further about their situation. The King Emperor Austron and his son, Prince Lemmaegli Austron, received an omen that their empire would fall. The omen specifically stated that it would be overthrown by those born on Austron soil that have western blood. All four of these teenagers have western blood in their veins.

Walter must perform the Heirloom ceremony for a different set of children this year, but he has a hidden room in his library where the four may safely wait out the ceremony. They must arrive before sunrise, and they must not leave before sunset. Walter provided food, books, and a candle that will indicate the sunlight.

He also said that if anything were to happen to him, they would hear a very loud pop, and that they must quickly get to the docks and find Captain Malcia on the SS Ure Falmar. He would protect them.

All four decided to stay from that night until after the ceremony was over. Frank had his dog Scambers too. They didn’t want to worry about the grues if they were to travel before the sunlight can protect them.

After the night and the day, the four teenagers left with no danger met. Walter reminded them to return to the safe room during the next Heirloom ceremony in four years.

GDY 1015 Spring 76

Early in the morning before the Heirloom Ceremony, the four arrived at Walter’s safe room (five when you include Frank’s dog Scrambers II). Now they are adults and now most of them are living on their own. The door was closed as before and the candle lit itself at sunrise.

Around noon there was a deafening pop that caused them all to lose their hearing for a time. Something happened to Walter. Skal was incredibly worried about Walter, but Fletch managed to keep him level headed as they “ran” to the docks. Once there, Karin found spotted the SS Ure Falmar immediately. The crew was expecting them and they were brought aboard and stowed in a hidden compartment below deck.

Frank quickly found a few weapons in crates and equipped himself in case of combat. Fletch constructed a makeshift spear from his walking stick and a dagger. Before any battle could break out, the ship chugged away from the dock into the open water.

Captain Malcia himself entered the smuggling hold and welcomed the group of young adults. He said that things will become dangerous soon, but they will be trained as best as possible by the other men and women aboard the Ure Falmar in the upcoming days.


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